How to find proxy website? How can I access blocked site?

How to find the proxy website? 

We will help you find the proxy link of any kind of site that you may be searching for. Let's start with some simple definitions of a proxy website.

Proxy website [simple and advance explanation]

A proxy website is just a replacement of the same site that lets you access its main site surfing with the proxy link.

A proxy website is a 301 redirection of a proxy link to the main domain.

Basically to find a proxy link of a site you should be a little smart with using google search. 

Google indexes every kind of site that you may use in your life. Even If the site is blocked and you cannot access the site through the given link. So you should be a little techy smart with your search. I have a quick explanation of what you should do below:

proxy website

Just search the site on google with a “site:” sign in the search. You will find the related link to the site. The link on the top of the search result is your proxy link.

If you are struggling with the site domain name. Just search-related query or a similar name of the site domain. Get some ideas and do the next search with an improved search query.

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How can I access blocked sites?

A lot of sites are blocked. Some sites are blocked in some territory, country or just in a particular IP address. You will not be able to access those sites with the same IP address.

Similarly, you cannot access some best movies on Netflix unless you are on the US server. 

Therefore, you should change your IP address with a VPN connection.
A good VPN also helps you access blocked sites.

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Hope we have helped you will find your desired website and access your blocked site with a VPN. You can also click here to find the piratebay proxy mirror link.


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