Amazing method to watch movies free for a year

In this post, we will share with you a secret method that I used to subscribe to movie streaming platforms free for almost a year.

How to subscribe to movie streaming sites free for almost a year?

how to subscribe to movie streaming sites free for a year?

You will love this trick.

let's begin.

So, movie streaming sites like Netflix, amazon prime movies, zee5 and Hulu. These are a lot of movie streaming service out there. These services are finding a hard time finding a new customer. The giants of movie streaming platforms have also started their own production as Netflix originals and amazon exclusive to attract new customers. These movies and series are becoming a tough competition for Hollywood and Bollywood industry too.

If these platforms are to survive in these huge saturated markets of movie watching service then they must always innovate regularly. Also, they must focus on attracting new members with a long term plan. 

Due to these reasons a lot of platforms like Netflix, amazon prime movies, zee5, Hulu, etc. are providing a free month of trial for new users.

What is the trick then?

As I have just mentioned, all these platforms are providing a month of free trial for new customers.

You might have got it now.

The only thing you have to do is making a plan. This is how you will do this:

watch movies free

  1. Make a list of all movie streaming services providing a free trial.
  2. Just make an excel sheet with the beginning and ending date.
  3. Now you have to subscribe to the first service in a list with a free trial.
  4. You should be aware of the ending date of the plan after you have subscribed to one of them.
  5. After expiry of the free trial plan of the first service, cancel it for a while and go to the next platform providing a free trial.
  6. You'll easily find 12 of these movie streaming services that provide a free trial for a new user.

Remember!Even if these sites may send you an email before your plan expires there is a good chance you'll miss them. So always set a reminder.

What after all plan expires?

After you have tried every platform, the trick expires too. Then you'll have to subscribe to one of the platforms that you loved using. Keep in mind the affordability of these services too. 


These are all I have in this article. I hope you liked this trick. Please comment and subscribe to us if you find this a helpful and doable post.

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