Captain America Series - Before you watch

Captain America Series - Before you watch
Captain America movies

Captain America movies in MCU is just a wow movie. If you still haven't watched Captain America movies then you are missing something huge from Hollywood. 

Captain America is the starter of the MCU timeline and the first Superhero. If you doubt who is the second superhero then its Captain Marvel. There are three Captain America movies in the MCU. 'Captain America: The First Avenger'(2011), 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'(2014) and 'Captain America: Civil War'(2016).

Captain America: The first avenger(2011)

It is the story of a sweet little boy Steve Rogers. He is rejected for the world war II military. He is weak but has a good and rich heart. He is recruited into the SSR(Strategic Scientific Reserve) as part of a super-soldier experiment performed under the leadership of Col. Chester Phillips and  Peggy Carter. Steve rogers results in the right candidate for the SSH and gets unlimited powers naming him as 'Captain America'.

On the other side of the movie, Dr. Arnim Jola energizes tesseract and Red Skull becomes plans to lead over the earth. Steve rogers with his team fights against the Hydra team and saves earth.

Captain America: The winter soldier(2014)

The movie site set after the 2 years of the avenger and loci fight. In this movie steve finds out the terrorist force that tries to destroy every important human being on the earth. Captain America also finds out that the SHIELD is already in danger as the hydra agents are on it. So, Captain America fights with the SHIELD to destroy the Hydra Plan located in Maria Hill.

Also, Steve Rogers finds out that his friend who he thought died in the Redskull fight is alive but is under control of Hydra. Bucky(Steve's friend) is also playing a really important character in the movie as the winter Soldier with similar capacities like captain America. 

This movie is really awesome to watch and it's my personal favorite too.

Recommended movie to watch: Hobbs and the shaw

Captain America: Civil War(2016)

This movie was released in 2016 and was directed by Anthony and Joe Russo(Russo brothers) who also created Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: End game. 

The movie is timed as after one year of the Ultron fight in Slovakia in the MCU timeline. In the movie, James Bucky gets himself out of the hydra and starts living a normal life. But another winter soldier from the hydra kills the Wakanda king in a blast. 

Also, Tony stark finds out that his father and mother were killed by the winter soldier bucky. In this movie, the avenger's team breakup and fight against the two teams thinking they are right. In this movie, you can see every marvel superhero that belongs to the earth. Also, the Black Panthers background story is explained in the movie.


I hope, you are now familiar with the captain America movies in the MCU movies. If you haven't watched then just watch it in the Netflix or your regular movie streaming service.

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