What is DVDrip/ Blu Ray rip/ cam/ Telecine/ scr/ Tv Rip?

What is DVDrip/ Blu Ray rip/ cam/ Telecine/ scr/ Tv Rip?

There are a lot of recording formats. Some of them like DVDrip, mp4 is extremely common. But we often fell the other formats as new formats and delete it thinking it to be some malware or unwanted files. We regret later, Right?

So we are going to talk about some of the recording formats. Some of these are common and others are rarely heard.

DVDrip Blu Ray rip cam Telecine scr Tv Rip

Let us discuss DVD Rip and Blu Ray first:

DVD Rip / Blu Ray :

Dvd rip and Blu ray are the best quality output for a video. For a movie Dvd rip will be the quality you would get in DVDs you buy from the store. Blu Ray Rip is a little high quality than Dvd rip. These have high data volume. It is basically for movie streaming sites. As you have the quality option for you in movie streaming sites like Super High, High, Medium and low.


CAM basically obviously means camera quality. This is a recording of a streaming screen with a digital camera. This recording quality is often seen in pirated content. The user holds the camera with a hand or a tripod. CAM has extremely low video and audio quality but is extremely popular in pirated sites.


Telecine is a digital copy of a video from the reel. TC quality depends on the way of creating a telecine copy. Telecine can be found in good as well as extremely good quality. It is a less common type of video file.


The screener is a copy of a VHS tape. Similarly, DVD SCR is a copy of a DVD. They are not good quality video files. SCR and DVD SCR is also less common video files.

TV Rip

There is less chance you have heard about TV Rip but TV rip is a recorded file from TV channels. It is used by the smart tv cables for the recording of movie telecast. This is a commonly added feature in the TV cable service.

The smart box records the telecast in the storage and the user is able to watch it later repeatedly. Some people often change the format in other forms too. So, TV Rip is a highly used but less known recording format.


I think you are now familiar with more of these recording formats.
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