How can you finish watching movie 2 times faster?

How can you finish watching the movie 2 times faster?

finish watching the movie faster

If your friends have just booked you a movie ticket from a movie series that you haven't watched. This can happen to you if you are odd among some movie series fans. They will just book the tickets for their favorite movie series including you.

Then you'll have two things to do:

  • Just watch all the movies without sleeping that night.
  • OR
  • Just enjoy your snacks and your friend's reactions.

But if the movie series includes dozens of movies then? what would you do then?

So we have a small tip for you to finish a series faster with 2x speed.

let's start.

Tip to follow to watch movies 2x faster:

To watch movies faster you should follow these rules:

  • Just don't ever watch intro and outro: watching of these parts unconsciously really help you lose your 10 to 15 minutes. 
  • Reduce video quality while streaming: If you are streaming some movie then you can reduce some quality if you have a weak internet connection.
  • Some series include two video clips after the movie ends. (you can skip them too.): If you are set to complete the pre-existing series then it is not necessary to watch the last scenes after the movie. It is only for the suspense for the fans who watch movies just after its release.
  • Play the movie at 1.1 to 1.5x speed: this will help you finish the movie really really faster.
  • Skip some songs in the movie: Some of the Bollywood movies have songs between the movie play. You can save a good time skipping them.
  • Just keep on skipping 5 seconds from time to time: (If you think that scene is not too important.) Skip some movie parts if you think that the scene is not just the required part.
  • Also, keep changing the play speed from time to time: For example on the chasing scene you can speed up the movie to stop at the scene where they are caught.
That's all.

This is not a cool idea and most of you already follow this. But I thought this can be a great help to you(If you still do not know it.).

Also if you use VLC media player to watch movies then, I have a shortcut keys for you:

  1. '+' and '-' are used to increase/ decrease play speed.
  2. Arrows left and right is used to skip and back(I actually don't know short term to say 'go backward' sorry).
  3. Arrows up down are used to control volume.
I think these 3 keys are enough for this trick. If you use alternate shortcut keys or other media player it's fine too.


Thank you for reading until the end. Hope after following these simple tricks you will be able to save time and utilize it elsewhere. Also, Movie is meant for entertainment. So, it's best if you watch the full movie at good time.

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