Iron Man Series

What would a super-intelligent, multibillionaire weapon manufacturer do?
Ironman movies are the ultimate answer to this question. If you ever wondered about possible blessings with the super tech then Ironman is a kind of a movie you should watch.

Iron man is basically the first released movie based on the Marvels MCU comics. In Ironman, TonyStark builds a super incredible weapon(suit) which is just one huge weapon for the protection of Earth. Tony stark faces a lot of troubles after he revealed to be Iron man. A lot of terrorist forces attack him to kill his fortune.

Iron man

In the ironman movie, tony stark a multi-billionaire tech engineer builds a great weapon suit after he is kidnapped by the terrorists in Afganistan.  Stark and Yinsen make a powerful electric generator called an arc reactor which can hold the charges to power Stark's electromagnet and an ironman prototype suit of powered armor to aid in their escape secretly in the Afgan cave. Yinsen cannot escape but tony somehow manages to get out of the terror stay.

Then tony advances the ironman suit when he reaches this home. After some more work on the ironman suit, tony stark finally make a complete functioning suit. There are still some hurdles in the movie. 

Iron man 2

In iron man 2 tony basically fights with Ivan Vanko whose father worked with tony's father Howard stark while making the arc reactor. In the movie, Ivan tries to take revenge of this father. Also, tony stark finds out he is continuously been poisoned with the palladium.

Later in the movie stark meets Nick fury who guides him to the harmless replacement of the palladium metal. In the stark expo, tony reveals the further capabilities of the ironman suit. 

James hammer shakes hands with Ivan Vanko to create a good weapon like an iron man suit. Ivan utilized the hammer resources to take revenge from the stark family by making armored drones that are controlled by the Vanko.

Iron man 3

Battling with PTSD following his brush with death in Avengers Assemble. Tony stark begins to carry on inconsistently. Tragically, this incorporates provoking the obscure fear-based oppressor The Mandarin terrorist which results in an immediate assault on his home.

In Iron man 3 tony stark is attacked by the terrorist group of mandarin.  A string of bombings claimed by the Mandarin terrorist left intelligence agencies confused by a lack of forensic evidence.
Tony flies to german where he repairs the iron man suit and just destroys the mandarin terror force.

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