Some brief things that happens in MCU Movies before first avengers movie.

Some brief things that happen in MCU Movies before the first Avengers movie.

mcu before first avengers

We are discussing some of the MCU movies today. MCU movies before Marvel's First Avengers in actual. Before Iron Man was formed Hulk was already in the avenger's team. In the movie The incredible hulk, the background story of Bruce Banner and his father is played. And explains how super-intelligent scientist Bruce Banner becomes Hulk for the first time.

Iron man

Tony stark CEO stark industry is kidnapped by a terrorist group while wishing Afghanistan.

He is asked (forced) to create a missile for terrorist group.tony cannot deny but create an ark reactor that charges the iron man suit. It's only possible with the help of a friend who dies before the climax of the movie. Later, Tony Stark manages to design a super cool weapon and call himself as IronMan.

Iron man 2

Tony stark is losing health due to the toxicity of palladium which he is using in the arc reactor. His blood toxicity increases until an amazing incident happens in the movie. Also, tony stark(Iron Man) fights with the Iron drones in the movie. 


As time goes Odin son 'Thor' grows with Rage and Arrogant behavior in himself. For the solution of thor's anger, Odin sends Thor to the Earth without his Hammer. The movie gets exciting when evil forces attack Thor.

Captain America

This movie just explains the journey of steve rogers to bring Captain America. Some details of steve roger's background is explained in the movie. 

Before Steve Rogers was chosen to be Captain America, a lot of events already had happened, where Red Skull manages to get the Infinity stone.

After these movies, the First Avengers movie was released from Marvel's Cinematic Universe. In the movie all the superheroes in MCU join the avenger's team to save the world.


I know I have still a lot things to explain from each movie. But If I do so it would treat as a spoiler for little of you who still haven't watched Marvel's Cinematic Universe Movies.

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