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You may have seen thor playing a huge heroic role in the Avengers movie but if you don't know, thor has a separate movie in the MCU series. Starting from 2011 Thor has released three movies in the MCU. Lead character Thor is played by everyone's favorite Chris Hemsworth. Thor movies are directed by some of the top directors Taika Waititi, Kenneth Branagh, Alan Taylor. Thor plays a very important character in the Marvels Cinematic Universe. 

After making over $2 billion in the box office. Thor has one more announced movie 'Thor: Love and Thunder' scheduled to be released in 2021.
Let's discuss some more thor topics in detail. Thor movie as loved by every audience had release three movies: Thor(2011), Thor: The Dark World(2013), Thor: Ragnarok(2017). And Thor: Love and Thunder to be released in 2021.


Thor's movie basically is about the thor's journey from a preparing prince to proof that he is worthy to be the king of Asgard. In the movie, the fight between Asgardian and frost giants of Johunheim. Even after winning the fight Thor just leads with his friends and Loki fight against the frost giants breaking the truce between Asgard and Johunheim.

Odin's son Thor gets punishment for his actions and is thrown into the earth without his superpowers and this hammer. Jane Foster a scientist who finds thor in an unconscious condition and helps him out consequently falling in love with him. 

In the meantime, Loki finds out him not being a biological son of Odin but of Laufey's son. He plans to kill the Odin while Odin was on a deep Odin sleep. Loki also sends automaton to kill thor in the earth. Thor fights with the automaton and proved himself worthy of the Mjolnir and the throne. After destroying automaton, thor plans to punish Loki for his deeds. 

Thor: The Dark World(2013): 

This movie is about the history of Asgard. Thor grandfather who fought Melekith and protect the nine realms by hiding the aether. In the present time of the movie thor and this team are fighting the final battle to protect nine realms and restore the rainbow bridge between the realms. Loki is imprisoned for his deeds in the Asgard.

In the earth, Jane Foster and her intern Darcy Lewis finds an unusual factory, she finds out that the physics laws are disobeyed and portals have appeared. Unknowingly, she gets infected by the Aether. 

During the fight, Malekith and Algrim scan for Foster, detecting that she contains the Aether. Malekith, stirred by the Aether's discharge, transforms Algrim into a Kursed and assaults Asgard. Thor goes to earth and takes Jane to the Asgard. Thor then fights with the Malekith and does what his grandfather did to protect the nine realms also protecting Jane from it.

Thor: Ragnarok(2017):

This movie strike just after the Slovakia war in the MCU timeline. In the movie, Thor releases himself from the imprisonment of the Surtur. Thor leaves the place taking the Surtur's crown as Surtur claimed that the crown in the eternal flame resurrects the Ragnarok.
In the movie, Thor and Loki search for their father Odin which they find out to be in Norway. Dr. strange helps thor to locate his father.
Odin dies which frees Odin's daughter Hela. 

Hela just breaks the thor hammer and finds a way to go to the Asgard. While Hela kills the three soldiers and takes over Asgard, Thor and Loki somehow find themselves in a planet Sakaar.

On the planet, thor finds Hulk and Valkyrie. They team up with a mission to protect Asgard from Hela and Ragnarok. 

Do they successfully protect the Asgard or not? watch and find out.


I hope you are now familiar with the Thor movie series. Also, read our other post regarding the MCU movies.

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