My next guest with David Letterman and Shah Rukh Khan - Watched it?

Hey you all, Have you watch the latest Shahrukh khan interview in the show My next guest with David Letterman and Shah Rukh Khan? I have a sweet review regarding this gentle interviews.

My next guest with David Letterman and Shah Rukh Khan

The interview is about the rise of our 'King Khan'. Netflix series of my next guest with David letterman is one of the most-watched interview show in the world. This time the show approached the king of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan as their guest. David asks a lot of interesting questions to the king khan during the 1 hour and 1 min interview.  It is a series you should never miss.

You will know a lot of new incidents with shah rukh khan. The interview is mostly about the khan family, life story and his rise to fame. I really loved this talk as I'm also a member of his 4 billion fans following. You will know-how our idol spends his life when there's is no shoot or any outside work. He talks about his 3 blessings and his wife.

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SRK Interview with David Letterman Download

David Letterman, known to take amazing gentle interviews also completes this interview with smiles on everyone's face. The way he gently asks about shah rukh's life story is really a pleasant way. And he is indeed shocked by the stardom for Shah Rukh khan.

The interview starts showing us the stardom of the king khan in Bollywood. It starts with the thousands of his fans waiting outside his residence just to see his iconic scene live. Shah rukh khan tells he is obviously enjoying his fame and is never going to hate it. 

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Interview location

The interview is shot in shah rukh's house in Mumbai and the David Letterman stage in New york. You should obviously watch this amazing interview.

Interview Language

The interview is shot in the English language though it is available to watch it in the Hindi dubbed version. 

Download My Next Guest with David letterman with SRK

The show is available to download on Netflix. If you don't have a Netflix subscription then just visit your friends who are subscribed to Netflix. 

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If you have an hour of time then you should definitely watch this amazing episode of My next guest with David letterman with shah Rukh Khan. You will definitely love this gentle interview and get to know a lot about the king khan of Bollywood.
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