Tamil movie fears from Tamilrockers again - Watch online

Tamilrockers Threat to Tollywood(Tamil cinema): Vijay's new movie has been leaked in tamilrockers. In this time when good movies are released, tamilrockers again found to be engaged in piracy.

The movie released on 25th November by Vijay's Bigil and Karthi's Kaithi. Tamil rockers released the Hd print of the movie even before the actual movie is released at the cinema. 

Tamilrockers are now improving and sharing high-quality movies on their site for free. Other sites like moviemad, seven torrents are really a threat to Tamil cinema. In fact, piracy is now a threat to every cinematic industry now.

Even the court has ordered to ban the movie. Bigil and Kaithi have been banned to release it online.

But, filmmakers seek to find a permanent solution for piracy. Sites like tamilrockers are routinely changing their websites link and then sharing the movies.

Also, filmmakers are also facing a huge problem due to the rise of tickets in the multiplex. 

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